IRISH (short)

Lara, a total catch with no game, tries to pickup Greg, a serial player with a self-imposed lockdown on his crotch. She tries to impress him with no success, until she pulls out all of her moves… literally.

Irish is a fresh and funny love story about two people pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and finding an unexpected connection when they finally open up and be themselves. It is a 10 minute comedy short that was shot in London in late 2020 and will pursue a festival run in 2021. Please get in touch for more information (digital screener available).

Written and Directed by Jacquie Drager
Produced by Elaine Ivy Harris and Jacquie Drager
Starring Chesca Forristal, Dave Bibby, Kate Winter, and Sackie Osakonor
Cinematography by Tansy Simpson


Behind the Scenes