Drager Films makes thought-provoking films about complex characters to show every colour of the human experience to its audiences. It believes that many communities, not only geographically, but demographically, don’t relate to what they watch and looks to grow audiences through relatable and specific storytelling.


Just Ask For It, premiered at Austin Film Festival and was acquired by Air Canada for their Inflight Entertainment System on all Spring through Fall 2020 flights.

Company Director


Jacquie Drager

Jacquie Drager is a Writer, Director, and Intimacy Coordinator who splits her time between London, Norway, and Canada. Having come from a background of Construction Engineering and Business, Jacquie draws from the experiences she had in a heavily male-dominated work culture and tells stories through film about intelligent and complex women – many of whom don’t see themselves often represented on screen.

Jacquie is presently writing a miniseries and developing multiple feature length screenplays, including Love You, Don’t Like You, which she will direct.


Jacquie was featured in Business Because in March 2020. View the article here.

Working with Jacquie

“It was an absolute joy to work with Jacquie. She directed with clarity and always invited questions and challenges. She was generally actor centric in her approach: curious about and adaptable to our processes and always allowed us space to play and discover.” – Harriet Green, Actor

“Jacquie was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was incredibly organised and a consummate professional who had a lovely relationship with the cast and crew. Jacquie collaborated brilliantly with her DOP, but I was most impressed by how she was with her cast. You could genuinely see an improvement in performance with every take through Jacquie’s notes.” – David Bispham, 1st AD